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Eric F. James

211 Wilderness Rd.
Danville, Kentucky 40422



- Research grant for The James Preservation Trust received from, for enslavement research related to Vol. III of Jesse James Soul Liberty (JJSL). 2012- JJSL nominated for awards for biographical history by the Western Writers of America & the Wild West History Association, 2013- JJSL awarded the Milton F. Perry Award for historical research & writing, 2013 - Winner: Milton F. Perry Award, 2013 for ground breaking research & historical writing with relation to his book Jesse James Soul Liberty, Vol. I, Behind the Family Wall of Stigma & Silence.


Research, writing, lecturing, electronic & book publishing, blogging, social media.



Jesse James Soul Liberty, Vol. I, Behind the Family Wall of Stigma & Silence. Authorized historical biography of the family of Frank & Jesse James, 1776-2012. The first of five volumes, drawn from primary family sources. Includes family photos, letters, documents, memoirs, interviews, genealogy, with source citations, notes, bibliography, & index. Published in the USA by Cashel Cadence House, 2012. ISBN 978-0-8957469-0-2. Volume II, This Bloody Ground, due for publication in late 2014.


- "Vard, the Axman," The Compass, publication of the Daniel Boone Society- Various articles for the James-Younger Gang Journal

Web/Internet Publication:

Stray Leaves, A James Family in America since 1650www.Official Web Site for the family of Frank & Jesse SKIP INTRO: database: Leaves of Gas, Official Blog for the family of Frank & Jesse James -

Biographical Information:

ERIC F. JAMES co-founded the James Preservation Trust with Judge James R. Ross, a great grandson of America's iconic outlaw Jesse James. The Trust maintains archives of documents, photos, genealogy, and information related to the Jesse James family. Eric also is the archivist of the Joan Beamis Research Archive that produced the first genealogy of the Jesse James family,Background of a Bandit, first published by the Kentucky Historical Society. Recently, Eric supervised the exhumation of Jesse’s twin children, Gould & Montgomery James, reuniting them with their parents per the wishes of their mother, Zee Mimms-James. Since 1997, Eric writes & publishes the official web site for the Jesse James family, Stray Leaves, and the family blog, Leaves of Gas.

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